Arachnophobia Mode - Turn off All Spiders

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Note from Toast: We added a partial arachnophobia mode to disable the small decorative spiders sprinkled throughout the game, I've split this ticket into a new one for the suggestion to be able to disable ALL spiders, not just those ones.

Please get players the chance to remove the spiders or change them to anything else. The animations from smashing things is absolutely horrifying. Me and many others can deal with spiders in cellars bc we are aware they could be there but the spiders out of nowhere is just stressfull. Please let players turn these things off as an option in the menu like many other games did before (Grounded, Satisfactory, Green Hell, Lethal company)

Thank you.l

Open suggestion Suggested by: Holla Upvoted: today Comments: 5

Comments: 5