Weather system

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This game need a weather system. I want to be able to feel more cozy inside my small hobbit house when outside is raining or snowing or having a big storm.. The game is so cute an amazing for what i have seen but having sunny days only it's like eating your favorite food every day. At some point you need something different. haha

Please give us rain and cold weather even if you don't want this to have an actually effect on players, just for visualy reason it's big. It will only make the game look more amazing than already is. I want to be able to watch the rain from my beautiful house and have that cozy feeling as i also do in real life.. haha

Thank you for your time to read my silly thoughts. I am pretty sure you already have plans to add many more things into the game. :)

Planned Feature or content Suggested by: Tasos Upvoted: today Comments: 91

Comments: 91