Workshops Craft From Storage - Kiln, Forge etc.

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Enshrouded already pulls items from storage while crafting at a workbench. This is great!

It would also be a nice quality of life addition, if there was an option while using the charcoal kiln, forge, and other construction-type objects that need items deposited, which allows the player to pull relevant objects from storage in the altar-area.

For example, when using the forge, there could be a 'From storage' button on the UI that pulls up an inventory grid containing all items in storage that are relevant for the forge (charcoal, scraps, etc) and the user can pull items from this inventory grid.

This would reduce the amount of running around, searching amongst all your storage containers for the right item.

Done Feature improvement Suggested by: Naxos Upvoted: 18 Jun Comments: 147

Comments: 147