Life Skill Progression

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Proposal for Life Skills in Enshrouded

Objective: To enrich the gameplay experience of Enshrouded by introducing life skills such as woodcutting, mining, fishing, etc.

Rationale: The addition of life skills will deepen the survival and crafting elements of the game, offering players more ways to interact with the world of Embervale. It will provide a more immersive experience as players engage in various activities to gather resources and craft items.

Skill Development: Enhance skills through activities - chop trees to improve woodcutting, mine to level up mining, and fish to level up fishing!
Resource Variety: Unlock new resources with each skill level. Higher skills uncover rare materials, adding excitement to resource collection.
Skill-Based Crafting: New crafting recipes require materials from specific life skills, promoting skill diversity.
Skill Trees: Each life skill has a mini skill tree for specialization, like quicker woodcutting, better mining yields..

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Comments: 87