World Persistence / permanent terrain deformation / Persistent world objectives (shroud roots)

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Terrain/world objects/chests/enemies/resources are resetting after at every game start, if playing single-player, or every 2 hours real time (3 in-game days, for empty chunks) if playing on a server. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it takes away the sense of accomplishment and achievement over the world. This is also a reminder that we are playing a "game" rather than a "living" world that have awakened in and is changing, due to our actions.

Note From Toast:
Merged several very similar tickets.
Also, just to clarify, this feature is partly for technical reasons. The game is already fairly resource intensive, especially on lower end PCs, and the more the player modifies the world, the more intense it can become. This "resetting" helps mitigate that. But we are still listening and keeping this feedback in mind for the future.

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Comments: 97