Planting Crops in a Grid (3x3, 4x4, 5x5)

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To add an upgraded hoe or better quality (Copper, Bronze or Iron). This would enable players to plant crops in bigger grids instead of planting one seedling at a time you could plant 2x2, 3x3.... 9x9 type grids which would make planting crops a lot faster instead of having to plant 100-200 plants individually for a farm. In hand also a faster way to harvest crops too. I tried to use a scythe on a crop and it destroyed it but maybe it could act as a way to harvest crops straight into your inventory. Quality of life would be greatly improved. Valheim has a similar mechanic and there is a really good mod which does this well (Mass Farming Mod). Water collection could be improved too.

Open suggestion Suggested by: Samuel Cutler Upvoted: today Comments: 51

Comments: 51