More building blocks of different shapes and angles

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Players would like to have more building blocks of different shapes and angles to help add more detail to their builds, build off of a 90 degree grid, or smooth out rough edges. Similar to the already existing roof tiles.

Examples of what players are asking for:
45° wall blocks
half blocks
more angles for roof blocks
triangle blocks

Hi, I'm Toast, a CM here at Keen, I've edited and merged these tickets for clarity. Our engine is voxel based, and "rotating" off that grid wouldn't be realistic, but the suggestion I added above achieves the same desired effect.

Original merged suggestions below:
"More Building Placements"
Currently when you place blocks down you can turn them at 90 degrees only, at 45 degrees we could make better circles to build with, giving us more architectural build options.

"Triangle Building Blocks / Voxels"
Make Triangle blocks or an option for a square block to appear like a triangle to make building rounded or angles smoother looking.

Planned Feature improvement Latest Major Patch Suggested by: Redman247 Upvoted: today Comments: 196

Comments: 196