Enshrouded feedback board

Please post in English only. Posts and comments in other languages will be removed. Only one idea per suggestion. Laundry lists of suggestions will be removed.

Here are some things to keep in mind about Enshrouded and this suggestion board:

  1. PLEASE SEARCH TO SEE IF YOUR IDEA ALREADY EXISTS! Currently less than 1 out of 10 ideas suggested is actually new! Upvote the existing ideas to make them popular!
  2. Our first priority is to fix any major issues, crashes, bugs, etc. that might happen when the game releases. First, we want the game to run well for everyone, then we will start expanding the game.
  3. No promises! Developing games is a complex and time-consuming task. Even seemingly small changes can completely up-end your development plans. The team saying we love your idea does not mean it will happen, or that it will happen soon!
  4. We make the final call. Getting high votes does not mean we can or will make a suggestion happen. We are listening to suggestions and taking the ones we think will fit the vision we have for Enshrouded.
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