Improve / Better Stack Splitting

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Please let the player split stacks in their inventory with more granularity! At the moment we can only split stacks evenly in half. We can't even take one off the top of the stack. So if I want to take 2 out of a stack of 50, I need to split the stack again and again and again until I have just 2 left, and my inventory is filled with stacks of disparate sizes.

Dyson Sphere Program is a game that fixes this issue perfectly. When right-clicking a stack, it immediately shows a slider bar while right-click is held. You can easily select how many in the stack you want to pick up, and then let go of right-click to pick up the selected amount. The slider bar is also centred around your cursor, so doing a quick right-click (no holding down) will always split the stack perfectly in half. It's a brilliant implementation, and easy to create. Please consider using it!

Done Feature improvement Latest Major Patch Suggested by: OllieMimus Upvoted: 05 Jun Comments: 62

Comments: 62